Mul-T-Lock Camlocks & Cupboard Locks

Quality and Security in a small format lock

Mul-T-Lock Camlocks

Mul-T-Lock Camlocks & Cupboard Locks

Mul‑T‑Lock Camlocks and Cupboard Locks offers in various sizes and length, making them suitable for a wide range of applications including cabinets, drawers, parking meters, lockers and more.,

Mul-T-Lock Camlock and Cupboard locks provide the same quality and security that Mul-T-Lock cylinders. The Mul-T-Lock Camlocks can be order in different sizes to fit different requirements, and the same Mul-T-Lock keys can operate shorter cylinders or any standard size locks.

Mul-T-Lock Drawer latchlock

Mul-T-Lock Drawer Latch Lock

Mul-T-Lock Drawer Latch Lock, provide extra protection for securing drawers and small cabinets, allowing the user to simple close the drawer or cabinet and to latch lock the drawer without the usage of key to lock.

with Mul-T-Lock high security restricted key system.

Mul-T-Lock Drawer lock

Mul-T-Lock Drawer DeadLock security

Mul-T-Lock DeadLock, provide maximum security and protection for drawers and small cabinets, complete flexibility when using DeadLock with Mul-T-Lock high security restricted key system.


BITLOCK is the Australian authorised distributor of Mul-T-Lock security products, Serving our clients and their security needs extends beyond a lock and key, it’s about innovating products with the latest technology that give you the security and peace of mind, Designing them in a way that meets their requirements, both aesthetically and functionally.

Mul-T-Lock patented products ensure the security for home and business users.