High Security Padlock

For your Maximum protection

Mul-T-Lock High Security Padlocks

Maximum Security and Performance at an Affordable Price

• Portable security wherever you need it
• Premium quality you can rely on
• Meets and exceeds high security standards
• Excellent pick, drill and bump resistance
• Robust construction and design
• Maximum resistance against cutting and sawing
• Designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions
• Highly resistant to corrosion
• A variety of convenient keying options
Keyed Different – Each key operates its own unique lock
Keyed Alike – Each key operates multiple locks
Master Keyed – Each key operates only the specific locks
it’s designed to have access to
3in1 Keyed – Change your own keying up to two times,
(no tools or service required)


Mul-T-Lock NE8G


Mul-T-Lock NE10G


Mul-T-Lock NE10L


Mul-T-Lock NE10H


Mul-T-Lock NE12L


Mul-T-Lock NE12H


Mul-T-Lock NE14L


Mul-T-Lock NE14H


Mul-T-Lock SBNE10


Mul-T-Lock SBNE12

Mul-T-Lock HaspLock Diamond

With Mul-T-Lock’s new HaspLock, you will never lose a padlock again!
Simply because the padlock is an inseparable part of the hasp.
This convenient, fully mechanical and highly cost-effective locking solution is as robust and burglar-resistant as its predecessors,
with one significant advantage: the padlock and hasp are incorporated into one stainless steel unit, with locking bolt that cant be removed.



DIAMOND Specifications

• High Security locking mechanism
• Key-retaining or non key-retaining function
• Body: stainless steel investment casting
• Hardened, non-removable 13 mm diameter locking bolt
• Available with all Mul-T-Lock telescopic-pin cylinder platforms
• Same footprint as Hasp C13
• Dust cover and drill protection
• Installation by standard screws

DIAMOND Benefits

• Security level 5 according to EN 12320
• Unique product – all part joined together and cannot be lost
• Highly cost-effective
• User-friendly operation and installation
• Highest weather resistance
• Environmentally safer

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Serving our clients and their security needs extends beyond a lock and key, it’s about innovating products with the latest technology that give you the security and peace of mind, Designing them in a way that meets their requirements, both aesthetically and functionally. Mul-T-Lock patented products ensure the security for home and business users.