axoLOCK GPS Padlock security alert for shipping containers tracking and security


GPS Security Padlock

With advanced Real-time alert & Live tracking

axoLOCK with ABLOY high security
axoLOCK GPS padlock

axoLOCK attributes

High Security SCEC endorsed padlock

axoLOCK offering the industry highest level of padlock security (SCEC endorsed) protection, manufactured by a world leader from Mul-T-Lock & ABLOY high security for their maximum protection and reliability

Hybrid GNSS satellite systems

SiRFstarV™ engine to support hybrid GNSS, this includes the GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou satellite Systems. Communicate via secure cellular 2G, 3G or 4G LTE

Asset tracking & monitoring app

Manage your entire fleet via secured web-portal for your complete control. Enables Command-centre to monitor their shipping containers, cargo, high value assets conditions

real-time alerts & live tracking

axoLOCK electronic seal with on board sensors technology provides an advanced alert notification, tracking and monitoring solutions, also support for Automatic Airplane and Sea shipping mode technology.


Security & Visibility

Enables real-time alert protection & Live Tracking of the location and condition of shipping container, high value cargo, assets or any goods, providing specific alerts about issues and delays. The axoLOCK has integrated sensing capabilities and with the long-range wireless Ex-Sensor devices to completely protect and monitor your cargo.

ABLOY, SCEC endorsed Padlock for maximum resistance against physical attack, hardened steel padlock body and hardened boron steel shackles in our axoLOCK, for maximum security against breaking and entering with complete protection against corrosion environment.

axoLOCK GPS Padlock


axoLOCK offers the highest level of padlock protection from Mul-T-Lock and ABLOY, SCEC endorsed padlock security, included patented key system and Mul-T-Lock CLIQ access control, axoLOCK offer maximum security and tracking for commercial and military application, Maximum resistance against physical attack, hardened steel padlock body and hardened boron  steel shackles in our axoLOCK, providing maximum resistance against break-in and any corrosion environment.

Providing a real-time alert notification, tracking and monitoring solution (Supporting Hybrid GNSS satellite systems) with advanced onboard sensors: Alert notification for Open/ Close, Temperature, Barometric pressure, Movement, Impact, & more.., Combined with a complete security, monitoring and tracking solution for your cargo. The axoLOCK was designed with extremely rigid polymer protective casing and with a robust notification & tracking technology that preforms beyond the lock itself..

Heavy duty, long lasting rechargeable batteries. Available in 5Ah, 10Ah and 15Ah capacity for longer usage. Secured battery installation, with a simple plug and play replacement. Ergonomically designed surface for better handling in wet conditions or when wearing gloves.

The automatic airplane mode enables it to cover end-to-end airborne shipment scenarios, including shipment by land-air-land. When the automatic airplane mode is enabled, the axoLOCK, allows its internal multiple sensors to identify that the flight has commenced and automatically shuts down RF transmissions after take-off and during the entire flight.
The axoLOCK logs all events internally and transmits those events upon landing. Transmission is automatically renewed as soon as the airplane has landed and completely still. At this point, all the logged events are transmitted to the server back-end. This unique feature complies with FAA and IATA guidelines.

axoLOCK is a complete Real-time Cold-chain monitoring unit for temperature and humidity-controlled in shipping containers, trailers, pallets or boxes with pharmaceutical or perishable goods. The axoLOCK enables on-the-fly responses when deviations from the required temperature or humidity boundaries occur, and guarantees compliance with the strictest cold chain regulations (EN 12830).

axoLOCK is a high security SCEC endorsed GPS Padlock solution with advanced real-time tracking and online alerts for protection of shipping container, high value cargo, assets tracking and general security.

axoLOCK GPS padlock protection