BITLOCK GPS Tracking Devices

10 years battery

Assets Tracking with 10 Years Battery

Asset Tracking, offers Next Level Technology

  • Based on LTE Cat 1 NA modem with 3G as a fallback network and LTE Cat 1 EU with 3G and 2G as fallback networks
  • Supports a Short-Range RF  Wireless Sensor Network
  • GPS and GLONASS positioning for greater accuracy and more  versatility
  • Rugged housing with IP67 rating
  • 3D accelerometer for movement and towing detection
  • MMI: programmable push button (on/off/test/panic) and two monitoring LEDs for GSM/GNSS  status
  • ISO 16750 compliance (shock, temperature, humidity, UV, chemical, salt)
  • Up to 100 built-in Geo-Fences
  • Supports OTA configuration and FW upgrades
  • Tampering detection mechanism to detect tampering of device from mounting surface
GPS 10Y Tracker
advanced GPS 10Y Tracker

10Y Asset Tracking, Support for different Installation and setup

The 10Y LTE Plus product line is designed for advanced asset tracking with remote monitoring, that features enhanced functionality, robustness and ease of installation.
The 10Y LTE Plus is suitable for a wide variety of asset management applications that require a long operational life with or without a power source.

GPS Tracking of Rental Equipment, Logistics, Cold Chain, Security, Construction & Heavy Equipment

BITLOCK GPS Tracking Solutions.

For Fleet Management, Cargo, Assets and Shipping containers. provides a complete tracking solutions for use in Commercial application. Track and Secure your Cargo or Fleet with our smart Security IoT GPS devices.

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