Mul-T-Lock HIgh Security HaspLock Diamond

High Security HASPLOCK

With Mul-T-Lock’s new HaspLock, you will never lose a padlock again, Simply because the padlock is an inseparable part of the hasp.
This convenient, fully mechanical and highly cost-effective locking solution is as robust and burglar-resistant as its predecessors, with one significant advantage: the padlock and hasp are incorporated into one stainless steel unit, with locking bolt that cant be removed.

HASPLock Security lock

• Security level 5 according to EN 12320
• Unique product – all part joined together and cannot be lost
• Highly cost-effective
• User-friendly operation and installation
• Highest weather resistance
• Environmentally safer

Mul-T-Lock HASPLock | Mul-T-Lock in Australia | HIgh security access solution
Mul-T-Lock HASPLock Diamond - PDF.
Mul-T-Lock HASPLock maximum protection
Mul-T-Lock HASPLock high security lock

DIAMOND Specifications

• High Security locking mechanism
• Key-retaining or non key-retaining function
• Body: stainless steel investment casting
• Hardened, non-removable 13 mm diameter locking bolt
• Available with all Mul-T-Lock telescopic-pin cylinder platforms
• Same footprint as Hasp C13
• Dust cover and drill protection
• Installation by standard screws


BITLOCK specialised in high security solutions.

From tracking and monitoring cargo to large scale access control master key systems to l large organisation.

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