GPS OBDII Tracker FMC001

GPS Tracking Device for Vehicles
Simple Plug-in tracking solutions

BITLOCK GPS OBDII Tracking device FMC001

A simple Plug-in device, Provides the next level in Tracking technology


BITLOCK GPS OBDII Tracking device FMC001​

BITLOCK GPS OBDII 4G LTE Tracking device FMC001, provides the next level in Tracking technology, a simple Plug-in device with GNSS Satellite system and Bluetooth connectivity. Optional reading data via OBDII parameters, quick and simple installation provides a compelling Tracking solution. This is perfect tracker for a wide range of applications, from fleet management of light commercial vehicles, car rental & leasing, driver log-book, insurance telematics (UBI) and so on.

BITLOCK OBD2 Extension Cable

BITLOCK OBD2 Extension Cable

  • OBD2 Cable features: Flat and flexible design to support simple installation in any routing required.
  • OBD2 low profile connection design for tight spots
  • Flexible & Slim Male to Female – 60cm

FMC001 Tracking solution

FMC001 LTE/GNSS/BLE plug-in OBDII tracker

  • Reliable 4G connection with fallback to 3G or 2G network
  • Crash detection functionality working according accelerometer data
  • Allows reading CAN bus data from vehicle ECU
  • Bluetooth for external devices and Low Energy sensors


BITLOCK GPS Tracking solutions, provides high quality and cost effective tracking devices for private vehicles and fleet management with a complete tracking solutions. available devices with a simple plug n play connections that support a self installation and easy setup.

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