High security & Restricted Master key systems.

Mul-T-Lock support a range of restricted master key solutions to a variety of different requirements and business sectors each to their unique environments. When changing to a Mul-T-Lock restricted key system, your business will benefit a better quality, security and control.

Mul-T-Lock Master Key System


secured by restricted key solutions

Convenient access

ability to incorporate a wide range of product types into the system using a single key enables complex system-design capabilities and allows your locking system to scale with your business.

High security protection

Keys are mastered to provide each user with access to authorized areas only, increasing access control, while reducing the number of keys in circulation.

Combined electronic/mechanical systems

Our mechanical hardware can be enhanced with electronic locking for an additional layer of security.


Single-key access is more efficient, reducing initial costs, as well as future budgets to be spent on replacement keys.


BITLOCK is the Australian authorised distributor of Mul-T-Lock security products, Serving our clients and their security needs extends beyond a lock and key, it’s about innovating products with the latest technology that give you the security and peace of mind, Designing them in a way that meets their requirements, both aesthetically and functionally.

Mul-T-Lock patented products ensure the security for home and business users.