A new generation of secured key control systems
66 / 99 / 198 Keys


Large Touch Screen

The system arrives with a large 10.1” touch monitor and voice guidance as standard making the operation extremely easy

MATRIX Advanced Software

MATRIX software contains highly advanced and unique features allowing you to stay in full control over keys usage within your organization

MATRIX Individual locked bins

Unlike other systems where anyone who opens the front door can tamper or steal any key in the cabinet, MATRIX protects each key in a separate locked compartment with no ability to access without manager permissions

MATRIX smartphone dispenser management system

MATRIX - Smartphone self-management

MATRIX Frame – Self-management 44 Mobile phone storage provides the highest level of security and as every operation recorded by a dedicated video camera for future monitoring. Where ever you wish to allow random visitors or selected users to self-deposit cell phones or private objects with the most secure and advance system. Each cell phone is stored in a separate locked compartment, which can only be accessed by the owner. The operation can be set for staff only or occasional visitors in a quick and efficient way.

Secured self-deposit smartphones storage


  • Wall mounted unit
  • Slim line
  • Integrated computer
  • system for quick and easy operation
  • Can hold up to 44 phones or 198 keys(example only)
  • Optional: Biometric reader / RFID reader / video camera
  • Bin size (100A for key sets): 100 x 39 x 42mm

Type: Wall mounted
Dimensions: 100x66x10cm
Weight: 36 kg

MATRIX – Electronic Key Cabinet Management System

The MATRIX is a premium Electronic Key Cabinet management system, the most cost-effective solution for business and organisations who need a complete control and flexibility over their keys & assets.
MATRIX in Australia offer an advanced electronic key cabinet system that allow for flexible configurations with a secured modular compartments, efficient and smart solution to manage & control your keys or assets.