Hercular Deadbolt

Mul-T-Lock High Security Deadbolt

Mul-T-Lock Deadbolt Hercular lock

Mul-T-Lock Hercular Deadbolt is a high security Deadbolt lock for use in Commercial and residential application. the Hercular Deadbolt offered the highest level of deadbolt protection.

The Mul-T-Lock Hercular deadbolt is reinforced in almost every way possible, offered with its standard a high security key, extremely strong latch with a unique security of using Ball bearing mechanism,

Mul-T-Lock Hercular Deadbolt

Maximum protection for wood or steel doors

High Security Deadbolt

Designed for maximum security

The Hercular Deadbolt provide maximum protection for any attempt of forced entry. The Mul-T-Lock Hercular is the only Grade 1 Deadbolt with an adjustable backset. The Hercular deadbolt is true high security lock that exceeds all high security standards. The Hercular is available in Mul-T-Lock keyed alike, different, Master key and 3in1 key system. For extra safety in case you want to change your current key combination on the spot, Its easy with the 3in1 key system. Allow for the instant re-keying of a mechanical lock.

Mul-T-Lock Deadbolt lock
Mul-T-Lock Deadbolt Hercular

The Mul-T-Lock Hercular Deadbolt is available in:

  • Single cylinder (key from outside, Turn-snib from inside)
  • Double cylinder (key from both sides)
  • Captive key Deadbolt (The Captive Key option is an hybrid of a Single Cylinder, and Double Cylinder Deadbolt.)

BITLOCK is the Australian authorised distributor of Mul-T-Lock security products, Serving our clients and their security needs extends beyond a lock and key, it’s about innovating products with the latest technology that give you the security and peace of mind, Designing them in a way that meets their requirements, both aesthetically and functionally.

Mul-T-Lock patented products ensure the security for home and business users.