Advanced GPS security devices for assets tracking solutions in commercial application. Track and secure your cargo with our smart IoT GPS devices

Support for security & Real-time tracking to allow your management personal the knowledge of where is your cargo and its current status anywhere it need to go.

We offer a complete tracking and monitoring web based software solution, designed for any size fleet management of GPS tracking devices include users with access control and valued assets. Our tracking devices can be used in Air cargo include monitoring of temperature, humidity, open close, impact. Included automatic airplane mode enables it to cover end-to-end airborne shipment scenarios, including shipment by land-air-land. When the automatic airplane mode is enabled, the axoLOCK, allows its internal multiple sensors to identify that the flight has commenced and automatically shuts down RF transmissions after take-off and during the entire flight. The axoLOCK logs all events internally and transmits those events upon landing.

GPS Security & Tracking Solutions

axoLOCK GPS Padlock

axoLOCK is an advanced GPS tracking with SCEC endorsed security padlock, providing a real-time tracking and monitoring solution (supports Hybrid GNSS) with advanced onboard sensors: Open/ Close, Temp, Pressure, Movement, Impact & more.., offers a omplete security, monitoring and tracking solution for your cargo.

GPS Container-Lock

Container Lock is an electronic robust solution based on the CelloTrack Power, offering an agile tracking and cargo monitoring for containers with almost instant assembly and removal, eliminating the need to open the container and interfering with logistics operations such as authority inspections, transport, loading and unloading.

GPS CelloTrack 3Y

The CelloTrack 3Y product line is designed for advanced asset tracking and remote monitoring, featuring enhanced functionality with full fleet management capabilities, robustness and ease of installation, include magnets and cradle, suitable for a wide variety of asset management applications, include Container, Trucks.

GPS CelloTrack 10Y

The CelloTrack 10Y is an asset tracking device with up to 10 years of operational lifetime, using a non-rechargeable battery. The CelloTrack 10Y is ideal for long term remote applications, requiring minimum or no maintenance at all. Suitable for application with extreme operating temperatures in which charging and performance are challenging.


BITLOCK specialised in high security GPS Tracking solutions for assets, shipping containers and value cargo.


axoLOCK GPS padlock protection