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GPS Cargo Tracking - Reliable data delivered by IoT connected solution

The ultimate gatekeepers — strong, smart and user-friendly IoT devices

BITLOCK IoT devices are the first line of your cargo protection, keeping you informed of what matters, when your assets have been accessed and where they are 24/7, allowing you to take action when needed. BITLOCK tracking solutions provide a unique in-depth expertise about connected objects via GSM network. The company currently serves customers in different industries such as security, transport, cold chain and the retail business.


Shipping Container Lock - Advanced GPS Tracking

Shipping Container Lock. 

GPS Tracking Container Lock,

A complete mobile control and real-time monitoring system with IP67 that keeps track of cargo throughout the supply chain, independently from the vehicle transporting it (ship, truck, train,.) allowing the continuous tracking of the container and cargo and providing logistic and inventory information including alerts when there is a deviation from the route


Shipping Container Tracking Lock.

CelloTrack Tracking Device solutions

GPS Tracking Device.

A standalone, self-powered, mobile device, equipped with a long-life battery as well as a highly durable IP67 weatherproof casing

Supporting 2 configurable GPIOs, can be used as general purpose input/output supporting digital, analog, frequency counter inputs.
High performance Li-Poly rechargeable battery with various solutions and up to 3 Years on a single charge.


CelloTrack Tracking Device.

Nano & Multisense - Advanced IoT Devices

GPS Nano & Multisense

CelloTrack Nano solution provides precisely the knowledge you need to manage your cargo and mobile assets more effectively.

The versatility and modularity of the CelloTrack Nano solution enable you to meet almost any of your monitoring needs. Real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity controlled containers, trailers, pallets or boxes with pharmaceutical or perishable goods. The CelloTrack Nano enables on-the-fly responses when deviations from the required emperature boundaries occur, and guarantees compliance with the strictest cold chain regulations (EN 12830).


CelloTrack Nano IoT Devices.