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Mul-T-Lock CLIQ® High Security electromechanical access control key system

with a secured management and enhanced control over all your access points, You’ll have the flexibility you need to add new functionality to your new or existing master key systems. As a wire-free system, the CLIQ platform is easily deployed without the need for any special preparation. It’s simple design and intuitive interface allows you to enable and disable authorisations as needed and even for specific time periods. And through its reporting and audit trail features, you’ll know who went where and when.
Depending on your environment’s specific needs, the CLIQ platform can be managed locally with its embedded software and through its Programming Devices, or remotely via CLIQ Remote, a convenient web-based solution.


CLIQ with Interactive+

CLIQ with Interactive+

you get the best of both worlds

  • Audit trails stored in both keys and cylinders -Know who, when and where any connected location has been accessed.
  • Time-Based authorizations - Limit access based on periods of time, including a weekly schedule.
  • Access permissions can be updated remotely
  • Cost effective one key solution
  • Electronic access control without wiring
  • Cloud (web) based software
  • Easily replaced standard battery
  • Dual security; mechanical and electronic
  • Flexible Control Options - With a variety of devices that give you control
  • Web-based management from your PC
  • Wall Programming Device
  • Mobile Programming Device

CLIQ with IPX8 certification

Mul-T-Lock announced, CLIQ Cylinders and Padlocks have received IPX8 certification

for our innovative and unique water repellent coating (patent pending). With this added layer of protection, additional water proofing methods, such as caps or covers are no longer needed when used in  environments exposed to rain or moisture

What is IPx8?

Tested by an independent laboratory, the IPX8 standard requires that protective elements can withstand being submerged in one meter of water for 30 minutes, and still maintain complete functionality.

The patent-pending water repellent coating, adds to the products’ reliability and ruggedness. With this water repellent protective coating, CLIQ padlocks and cylinders can be used in harsh conditions without fear of damage from the elements.